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Basic Clean
Deep Clean Move/in, Move/out
Spring Cleaning, 
Post construction

1 bd

2 bd's

3 bd's


extra bathroom

inside of fridge
inside of stove

A (deep clean) is a general clean + windows, inside of refrigerator, inside of stove, inside of cabinets, basic organizing. 

For homes that have not been cleaned in a while.  Extra time is spent getting under and behind.  
With a (spring cleaning) your home is basically taken apart, cleaned, organized,  and put back together from top to bottom.
(Post construction) cleaning we remove the dust and debris from floors, all surfaces are cleaned and sanitized.


Window sills dusted

Windows / Mirrors cleaned

Pictures dusted

Bed sheets changed

Wastebaskets empties

Carpet vacuumed

Baseboard cleaned


Tubs / Shower cleaned

Toilet inside / outside cleaned and disinfected

Mirrors / Tiles

Sinks thoroughly cleaned and sanitized

All Chrome fixtures cleaned and shined


Stovetop and outside of a

Cabinet doors

Counter top

Inside / outside of microwave

Sinks scrubbed

Floors mopped

Trash emptied

Dishes hand washed or dishwasher loaded


Cobwebs removed

Wood floors mopped

Carpets vacuumed

All areas dusted

Pictures frames dusted

Baseboards dusted

Window sills cleaned

Trashed removed

All dust removed

We bring the cleaning supplies.

Please provide paper towels.

Please call if you need office or retail space cleaned.

Call for Hoarder and Estate Clean Out.
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